Who Are We?

We are a group of approximately 130 dedicated firefighters and staff who volunteer their time and resources to support local charities and causes. Since 1954 we have been working hard to raise funds to support our community and local charities.

What Do We Do?

We fund raise, provide manpower, play rugby, drive buses, build houses, golf, collect food items, play basketball, hang Christmas Lights, play soccer, purchase equipment, curl, participate in camps, cook, pick up kids, play hockey, wash cars, B.B.Q., shake the boot, march, swim, cycle, run, walk, and crawl all in an effort to help out our community.

All the funds that we raise go directly to support local charities, initiatives and causes.

Along with out own fundraising, we use our profile in the community to help local charities raise funds at their own events and fundraisers.

We also lend our members broad skill set to help out those in need in our community. We help, where we can, to provide education, transportation, person-power and/or support to those who need it the most right here in our own backyard.

When a need is identified, we do are very best to help out in anyway that we can!!!


16th of October 2017 09:37 PM Link
Please vote for us! We have bid to win funds for our Junior Firefighter Academy that will be introduced in 2018.

The academy will allow grade 11 and 12 students from North Vancouver to experience a 2 day boot camp demonstrating what it takes to be a Firefighter! Students will gain fantastic training and try out Firefighting as a career.

Please take a few moments to vote for this great Program. Follow the link to register and vote.

Thank you!

Aviva #firefighter #juniorfirefighter #northvancouver #districtofnorthvancouver
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16th of October 2017 05:00 PM Link
Are you a woman thinking about a career in the fire service?

The Justice Institute of BC is offering a one day workshop for women 16 yrs and over. You will experience first hand the essential skills needed to become a firefighter.

Nov 5, 2017 in Maple Ridge. 🚒

Justice Institute of British Columbia: JIBC #firefighter #femalefirefighter
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